Family Health Worker
07th Sep 2013 – 05th Jan 2015 (One Year)

Name of the Project: Implementation of Family Health Workers Project (FHWP)
Duration of The Project: 07th Sep 2013 – 05th Jan 2015 (One Year)
Role of the Consultant:
Sole Consultant
Description of the project and scope of services:
  • Implementation of a pilot project named FHWP for the first time in Afghanistan, where health learning contents were provided to all students of Bamyan School and 568 teachers were trained as FHWP trainers in 240 schools in seven districts of Bamyan province.
  • The Family Health Worker Project (FHWP) as a pilot project was successfully implemented in two phases by Organization for Health Promotion and Management (OHPM) in Bamyan Province.
  • The first phase of the project started on 7th September 2013 and was stopped on 15th March 2014 due to de-allocation of budget in the fiscal year of 1393. On 8thSep 2014 the project was restarted under an amended contract for four months covering Sep 8, 2014 to Jan 5, 2015 which was successfully completed.
  • The overall objectives of the FHWP was “To improve the health status of Afghan people especially mothers and children in community through changing behavior, knowledge and skills”.
  • During the project life the planned activities for the project were successfully implemented in close coordination with the involved stakeholders including relevant provincial and central authorities and directorates.