The Board of Trustees:

The OHPM Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the organization, deciding and guiding its strategic vision and direction towards its overall mission. The board of trustees consists of five members including, the General Director and Deputy General Director.
The functions of the board of trustees include providing advice, governing, overseeing policy and direction, and assisting with leadership in general promotion of OHPM. It also ensures that OHPM adheres to the approved charter/constitution and all applicable national legislation and administrative procedures set for non-profit organizations.

The Management Team:

As the second and main rank of authority the Management Team (also called the Board of Directors) is formed mainly by six members including the General Director who is also the Chairperson, the Deputy General Director, Program Director, Planning and Research Coordinator, Capacity Building Coordinator and Finance Director.
Main responsibilities of the OHPM Management Team are:
  • Providing strategic leadership of the organization
  • Taking executive decisions; selecting officials and committees
  • Ensuring the formulation and execution of policies and procedures
  • Monitoring financial management, forecasting financial commitments and monitoring of budget expenditure
  • Overseeing program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Performing personnel evaluation/appraisals and staff capacity development
  • Reviewing the organizational and programmatic reports
  • Fundraising and program development
  • Facilitating organizational growth through effective communication and promotion of OHPM mission at national and international level.
  • Ensuring compliance of OHPM as an NGO with the laws of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Dr. Farhad Paiman: General Director.
Farhad Paiman is a medical doctor with a post graduate Masters Degree in Public Health and a current PhD candidate. Dr. Paiman has ten years of working experience with both national and international organizations such as Cure International, Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, Bakhtar Development Network, and OHPM. Dr. Paiman founded OHPM in 2010. During his career he has directly managed many projects under the MoPH stewardship including Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), Essential package of Hospital Services (EPHS), Community Midwifery Education program (CME) and Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE) project. During his career Dr. Paiman has been a contributing member of many working groups and committees assigned to develop different policies and strategies. As OHPM General Director, he is leading the organization and is in-charge of coordinating the relevant activities of the organization, ensuring coordination with the different departments of OHPM, and further developing the organizational capacity. He is also actively involved in interacting with donors relevant ministries, establishing and maintaining overall external coordination of OHPM. Dr. Paiman is the Vice-President and a member of the Executive Board of Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA), a representative of the CSOs in the Global Fund’s Afghanistan Country Coordination Mechanism, and a founding member of the Afghan Society Against Cancer (ASAC).
  Dr. Masoud Sarwari: Deputy General Director.
Dr. Masoud Sarwari is a medical doctor with a Master degree in Public Health. Dr. Masoud has more than 5 years of professional experience working with national organizations, directly managing health and development projects. He has the membership of different professional task-forces and meetings within and out of MoPH. Besides, he has also attended in workshops and seminars of reviewing and developing the national policies and strategies of MoPH and other donors. Dr. Masoud holds a volunteer position of coordinating activities of the Alliance of Health organizations (AHO). Dr. Masoud is also a member of the Country Coordination Mechanism CCM) of MoPH, and Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA). Last but not least, within OHPM structure, he is responsible for overseeing the programs of OHPM at national level with a focus on health and research. Besides his MPH degree, he has received a number short-term professional training sessions both inside and outside the country. He was also a member of the Afghan delegation to the World Health Assembly 2013 in Geneva representing OHPM and other health NGOs.
  Dr. Aziz Rahman Mahboob: Deputy Program Director.
Dr. Aziz Rahman Mahboob is a Medical Doctor with a Master degree in Public Health. He is the overall in charge of Programs and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) of project activities. He also gives updates and periodic feedback to the managers of the projects on the findings of monitoring and evaluation addressed by PME team. He has received different professional training at MoPH and donor levels; and is acquainted with all the policies and strategies of the Ministry of Public Health. He is an active member of the most of the task-forces and meetings held at MoPH level. Dr. Mahboob has conducted and facilitated many training programs within BPHS and EPHS packages at the national level. He is a professional HMIS manager and helping hand in research data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting.
Dr. Ahmad Shekib Falah: Deputy M&E Director.
  Dr. Ahmad Shekib Falah is a medical doctor with a Master degree in Public Health. Mr. Ahmad Shekib Falah has years of professional experience working with national organizations, managing Training and Capacity Building Projects. Within OHPM structure, he is responsible for overseeing the training & Capacity building programs of OHPM at national level. Dr. Falah is a recognized national trainer not only in BPHS and EPHS packages but also in gender, human rights, women rights, report and proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation, strategic leadership, health planning and development, HMIS and CIMCI.
Mr. Naqibullah Haidary: Internal Controller..
Mr. Naqibullah Haidari has a background in financial management with over five years of experience at national level in Afghanistan. His experience includes setting up double entry financial software, organizing of financial teams, building up the capacity of local financial staff at provincial level. Mr. Naqibullah Haidary has good communication skills and knows how to deals with different donors and stakeholders in the best interest of the organization and the beneficiaries. Mr. Haidari is also a member of the national chartered accountants association.